Strawberry and banana yogurt ice lollies!

P1220812.JPGThese strawberry and banana ice lollies are the perfect refreshing summer treat; they’re healthy too! Made using natural yoghurt, real fruit and sweetened with honey, these lollies are packed full of sweet summer flavours, without the guilty feeling you may get after stuffing yourself with ice cream…not that I ever stuff myself with ice cream 😉

This is a super easy recipe, perfect for kids to help with, and takes no more than ten minutes to prepare!

Fancy making your own? Find the recipe below:

Ingredients (makes about 4 ice lollies, depending on size of mould) :

  • 300ml natural yogurt (I like Greek style, it’s really thick and creamy)
  • 200g of strawberries (leaves removed). Keep a couple spare to slice up later.
  • 1 banana
  • 1 tbsp honey
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract


  1. Blitz up your 200g strawberries using a food processor or blender. If you don’t have one of these to hand, throughly mash the strawberries using a fork. You can drain your strawberry pulp through a sieve if you wish, in order to achieve a finer texture. I personally prefer to keep it as it is.P1220751.JPG
  2. Add your natural yogurt, honey and vanilla extract, before mixing thoroughly together.P1220757.JPG
  3. Fill your ice lolly moulds with the mix, leaving about 1cm from the top.
  4. Slice your left over strawberries and banana. Now you can slide a few slices of banana and strawberry down the sides of the moulds. It’s a bit messy but I find this looks the best once the lollies have frozen.
  5. Place your sticks in the ice lollies and place in freezer. Leave over night.

Tip: If you’re having trouble removing your ice lollies from their moulds after they’re been frozen, try running the mould under hot water for a few minutes first.

PS: Apologies for the ice lolly missing in the pictures of my moulds! I had already tucked into one before realising I had yet to take the photo. I can confirm, however, that it was very tasty!