Painted glass lanterns DIY

P1220772These painted glass lanterns are a great summer DIY for over the school holidays. They’re a super easy craft idea, yet they make beautiful outdoor decorations for evening barbecues and garden parties. And they’re a great way of recycling old jars!

Fancy making some? Find instructions below:

You will need:

  • Glass jars
  • Glass paints
  • A paint brush
  • Wire
  • Scissors

I use Marabu glass paints, shown here. P1220776If you’re new to glass painting, you can pick up a kit of four paints, a paint brush and relief paste from Hobbycraft for under a tenner. These paints are dishwasher safe three days after painting, so they’re great if you fancy painting some glasses or glass plates as well! Relief paste is used to draw outlines on your glass for you to fill in with your paint; it’s not necessary but I like to use it for some of my designs. The three lanterns featured here show two where clear relief paste has been used and one where I have used no relief paste. P1220774.JPG


  1. Wash glass jars thoroughly, they need to be rid of any dirt in order to get the best results from your painting. I love curry sauce jars and jam jars especially for this, you can find some really interesting shapes and designs.
  2. Once the jars are dry you can start painting! This is the best bit. Choose whatever designs and colours you want. If you want to throw loads of paint at it, throw loads of paint at it! You do you. I chose a simple flower design, a love heart design, and a summer field landscape (this was done without using relief paste).
  3. Allow paint to dry.
  4. Now you can attach your wire in order for your lantern to hang! I use thin wire that I can cut using scissors. Make two small loops in the wire by twisting it between your fingers. These need to be spaced apart enough so there is one loop positioned on either side of the top of your jar, as shown.P1220779
  5. Twist the two ends of your wire together tightly to make sure it is firmly attached around the top of the jar. Now all you need to do is add a handle. Using another section of wire, thread one end threw one of the loops and bend it back up on itself to keep it in place. Do the same with the other end of wire through the other loop, as shown below.P1220792.JPG
  6. Ta da! Pop a tea light in and you’re all sorted. Outdoor parties, here we come.