Our Trip to Prague


Jason and I had the pleasure of visiting this beautiful city in April just gone. Capital of the Czech Republic, Prague, known for its wealth of gothic architecture and rich culture, has become increasingly popular with British tourists over the past few years- and it is easy to see why.

Prague has everything a stylish European city should offer; jaw droppingly beautiful architecture, a great selection of shops and a wide range of restaurants offering delicious cuisine (plenty for vegetarians too!).

Anyone who has ever been to Prague will tell you that Charles’ Bridge is THE place to visit. Packed with tourists, street sellers and performers, Charles’ Bridge is the ultimate tourist attraction. I don’t actually think a day went by during our visit that we didn’t walk along the bridge; it’s especially beautiful at night when the crowds have diminished a bit. If you’re looking for a bit of romance, the sight of the castle lights reflecting on the river isn’t half bad.

There are so many places to see in Prague that I’d definitely recommend anyone considering visiting to stay for at least a week. During our stay we visited Prague castle, the cathedral and Prague zoo to name a few.P1220474.JPG

The best way to explore Prague is on foot. We always walk everywhere when we’re on holiday, and thanks to Jason’s reliable tech skills we always have Google maps to fall back on should we get lost! My advice would be if you are lucky enough to have the opportunity to spend some time in this wonderful city, go and have a wander around! Always look up at the architecture, there’s no such thing as an ugly building in Prague. Definitely check out the old town, we stayed here and even on our last day we were discovering new hidden treasures.

Thanks to a stroke of luck, we also had the pleasure of staying in Prague while the Easter markets were being held. This was the cherry on top of the cake for our visit, and I would encourage anyone who’s visiting over the Easter period to check them out. There are stalls selling all the seasonal crafts and baked goods you could ask for, and you NEED to try Prague hot chocolate. This is not your regular hot chocolate; it’s thick, rich melted chocolate and incredibly sickly. You simply have to include one of these in your stay, hell, we included six…P1220569.JPG