Homemade Strawberry and Blackberry jam

Homemade jam!

Hi guys! So, on Monday I had the day off and decided to go blackberry picking. I live just next to some woods so there’s always LOADS of blackberries growing nearby at this time of year, but until Monday I hadn’t actually been blackberry picking in years. I used to go all the time with my gran when I was younger, but since I’ve been a teenager I don’t think I’ve been. And my teenage years are over next month, so we’re talking quite a while.

But anyway, for some unknown reason on Monday I had the desire to go pick some blackberries. I did manage to get my hands on quite a few, until I had the misfortune of seeing a spider; this resulted in me jumping about two feet in the air and dropping half of my pickings. But still, I came home with ample blackberries for making some strawberry and blackberry jam, which is what I’ll be sharing with you today! 🙂

I’d never made jam before, but I actually found that it was a much easier process than I had been expecting (yay!). This recipe produces a soft jam with lots of juicy bits- and it tastes divine! Super sweet and summery, perfect for this time of year.  Fancy making your own? Find my recipe below:


Ingredients (makes two small jars of jam): 

  • A 700g mix of strawberries and blackberries. I used 600g of strawberries and 100g of blackberries.
  • 700g granulated sugar
  • Lemon juice (optional)
  • A knob of butter (optional)

It doesn’t matter what mix of strawberries and blackberries you use, as long as the combined weight is the same as the weight of the sugar.


  1. Sterilise your jam jars. Place your jars in the sink and pour boiling water inside them. Let them sit for a few minutes before rinsing and leaving to dry. When dry, pop them in a warm oven.
  2. Wash your berries. Remove the stalks from your strawberries by cutting a small cone shape in the top, and cut them in half (you can cut your strawberries into smaller pieces for a finer jam, but I liked the chunkier consistency). Note: If you are using blackberries from the wild like I did, first soak them in a bowl of salted water for a couple of hours. This will cause any small bugs or worms that may be in your blackberries to float to the top, where you can them scoop them out with a spoon. Rinse well with clean water following soaking them.
  3. Place your berries and sugar in a large saucepan. Mash your fruit with a potato masher to form a sort of pulp, and fold in your sugar. Add the juice of half a lemon if you wish.
  4. Bring your fruit and sugar to the boil on a low heat. This is very important, you want a gentle boil that isn’t rushed. When the fruit starts to bubble, you will see a froth form on the top.
  5. Turn the heat down to a simmer and let the mixture bubble for about ten minutes. Add your knob of butter if using and let it sit on top of the mixture. It will help get rid of some of the froth. If not all of the froth goes, scoop it out with a spoon. Take the jam off the heat.
  6. To see if your jam is cooked enough, place a small spoonful on a plate and pop this is the fridge for a couple of minutes. If the jam is not runny when you remove the plate, your jam does not need further cooking. If your jam runs when you tilt the plate, bring it to the boil again and simmer for a further two minutes.
  7. Your jam is now ready to be poured into your jars. Spoon your jam into your prepared jam jars, which should be nice and warm following being in the oven. Pop the lids on and leave to cool, before placing in the fridge.

Ta da! It’s that easy. I will definitely be making jam again and trying out some new flavours, I really was impressed by the ease of the process and the tastiness of the result!


Have you tried making jam before? Did you process differ from mine? Please let me know! I’d love to know what recipes other people use.

That’s all from me today, I hope you’re all having wonderful Wednesdays!

Best wishes,