Homemade Vanilla Fudge

This recipe gives you the creamiest, most wonderfully textured vanilla fudge. A true classic, perfect as a thoughtful homemade gift for your loved ones.

Hi guys! Today’s blog post is all about how to make your own homemade fudge- yum. I’d attempted making my own fudge twice before, prior to this post, and that had turned out…well…not brilliantly to say the least. But I am a fudge addict, I LOVE fudge. My family and I used to holiday a lot in the UK when I was younger, and my dad and I would always bring back fudge. So I just had to give it a go one more time before accepting defeat.


For me, fudge is very much a food for special occasions- as Christmas grows ever nearer, what better time to share this sweet treat recipe? When done correctly, homemade fudge makes a wonderful gift for family members and friends. And in case you hadn’t already guessed, I finally managed to do it correctly!


After looking over a few different fudge recipes and comparing them with the one I’d previously tried from one of my own recipe books, I settled on the following method and ingredients found here on the Good to Know website. One thing that did surprise me was just how cheap the process turned out to be, using only six ingredients- most of which you’ll already have in your cupboard!

If you’d like to know how to make your own homemade fudge, keep reading!

Ingredients (makes approximately 36 pieces of fudge):

  • 450g granulated sugar
  • 85g butter (I used salted butter as this was all I had in! I’m sure unsalted butter would work brilliantly too though.)
  • 150ml milk (I used semi-skimmed milk, though I imagine full fat milk would be good too.)
  • 175g evaporated milk
  • 1/2tsp vanilla extract
  • Vegetable oil for greasingP1230318


  1. To begin, place your sugar, butter, milk and evaporated milk into a large heavy bottomed pan and mix them together. Heat gently, stirring continuously, until your sugar has dissolved.
  2. Once your sugar has dissolved, increase the heat and bring the mixture to the boil, stirring occasionally to ensure your sugar doesn’t burn. Be careful as your mixture will be very hot!
  3. Continue to boil until your mixture reaches 116C on a sugar thermometer. If you don’t have a sugar thermometer- firstly, I strongly suggest you invest in one! They make life so much easier. Secondly, you can see if your fudge is done but spooning a small drop of the syrup into iced water, it should form a soft ball. (I got this tip from the Good to Know website).
  4. Once your syrup is the correct temperature, remove your pan from the heat and stir in your vanilla extract, before pouring your mixture into a square tin brushed with vegetable oil. I used a 20cm shallow square tin for my fudge.
  5. Leave your fudge to cool for approximately ten minutes before cutting it into squares. Now leave it to cool completely. Wrap in cellophane bags and tie with a pretty ribbon for a perfect homemade gift!


I hope you enjoyed this recipe; this fudge was so creamy and very sweet, I loved it! I’m looking forward to experimenting with some other flavours now that I’ve got to grips with vanilla fudge- is there anything else you’d like to see? Peanut butter perhaps? Chocolate? Let me know! 

Best wishes to you all,

Maddie x

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