I bloody love food. Like give me a garlic bread any day of the week and I will love you forever.

I’m semi-vegetarian; the extent of my meat eating is bacon and sausage rolls. I’m not just on a personal vendetta against pigs as a species, they’re just the only meat products that I like the taste of. When I’m away at uni (which is most of the year) I don’t eat any meat at all; its cheaper that way and I can get protein from other foods, so it was never really an issue.

Speaking of being at uni, this is where most of my (limited) culinary abilities have been developed (but certainly not refined). I really enjoy cooking for myself but I am by no means a great chef- I live with a French guy who puts my staple diet of veggie quinoa chilli to shame.

Baking, however, is where my true love for food lies. I JUST LOVE CAKE. And baking means I get cake, it’s a no brainer really. And if I do say so myself, I’ve pretty much nailed most cake recipes (probably the only reason Jason is with me).

On this section of my blog I’ll share some of my own recipes and tips for the kitchen, as well as some of my favourite foodie experiences.

Scroll down for my recipes!

Bon appetit!