Fabric flowers!

The bag featured here is a Cambridge Satchel Company tiny satchel

I first came up with these back in high school when I was studying Art Textiles GCSE (Those were the days!). The theme was Gypsies, and more was most definitely more with this project. Like we were talking VERY My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding; it was diamontes and fabric galore. I ended up embellishing my outfit with lots of fabric flowers, it was time consuming but it paid off- I loved the final result! Actually, I’ll probably attach some photos of that outfit to this post at some point, if you guys would want to see that?

But anyway, back to the present day, these fabric flowers were one of the first things that came to mind when I was brain storming ideas for this months blog posts. They’re super easy, a great way of using up excess fabric, and add a lovely touch to handbags and clothing.  If you’re interested in making your own, find step by step instructions below!


You will need:

  • Scraps of fabric
  • Large circular template (at least 4″ across, I used a coaster)
  • Pen
  • Sewing machine (this is optional. You could do this by hand as it doesn’t require TOO much sewing)
  • Fabric Scissors
  • Thread
  • Needle
  • Button
  1. To begin, draw around your circular template on your scraps of fabric. You will need three different circles in order to make one flower. Cut out your circles.
  2. Cut your circles in half to make six semi circles, these will be the petals for your flower.
  3. Fold the semi circles in half to create a quarter of a circle, right sides together, and machine stitch along the open edge as shown. Turn your petals the right way around.P1220848
  4. Do a loose hand stitch along the curved edge of one of your petals, like a tacking stitch. When you have sewn along this edge, pull the thread tight and the petal will gather. Using the same thread, without cutting it, do this to your next petal and so on. This will attach your petals together in a circle. Once you have done this, secure the centre of the circle by a few stitches in the middle. P1220849
  5. Add a button to cover up the messy bit in the centre of your flower. There you have it! Attach a safety pin to the back if you wish to use as a broach, or hand sew onto items of clothing for a unique twist! P1220871