Craft Projects

Be prepared for me to go full out Art Attack on you all.

I love making and creating weird and wonderful stuff; there will always be something unbelievably satisfying about making your own decorations or clothing or candles, even if you could’ve bought them down at your local Tesco for half the price and a fraction of your time.

Seriously though, I’ve always loved crafting. I was lucky in that my mum always used to make things with me and my sister when we were kids; pasta necklaces, lolly pop stick jewellery boxes, things out of toilet roll tubes- you get the idea. I guess my love of arts and crafts stemmed from there.

At age twelve I took up sewing as a hobby; I’ve since made several dresses, a quilt and a hell of a lot of bunting. My quilt is the thing that I’m most proud of, it took three months to complete but I still adore it now, over a year later. If you’re a fellow sewer, be sure to check out some of my sewing DIYs here on the blog!

As I’ve gotten older I’ve really branched out with regards to crafts. I’ve tried making my own candles, soaps, bath bombs, Christmas decorations, greetings cards, the list goes on.

If you’re a fellow crafter you’ll know just how rewarding (and sometimes challenging!) tackling new craft projects can be. If you’re not, maybe I’ll inspire you to have a go at a new craft yourself and find out what all the fuss is about!

Scroll down to view some of my previous craft projects and have a browse for some inspiration!