Who doesn’t love to travel, right? When I was fourteen, I made a massive list of ‘Places I WILL visit before I die’ after spending hours on Google Earth looking at places all over the world- I was a sociable child…

A year after that I met the guy who I wanted to visit those places with. Jason and I have since checked off Barcelona, Prague and Carcassonne in France. In September this year we will be celebrating five years of our relationship by checking off Rome.

I also love to travel with my family, but we usually just stick to beach holidays in Spain or the Canaries.

I love languages and speak a good level of Spanish after taking it as one of my A-levels. I always try and pick up some of the language of where we’re staying, but I have to admit that my limited Czech is not something to be proud of- ‘hello, do you speak English?’. The issue is here when they reply with no.

I love to experience different cultures and see different sites. I also love the food (though I do not recommend staying in the south of France as a vegetarian, you will be on a diet of exclusively bread and cheese, from experience).

I hope one day that I somehow am able to make a living from travelling the world with Jason and eating lots of food #GOALS. Winning the lottery is also a viable option.

In the meantime I’ll just stick to documenting my few and far between travels on here.

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