Barcelona Diaries- Day 1


Hey guys! I noticed the other day that the travel section of my blog seemed to be lacking on content somewhat, so I’ve decided to show it some love and write a series of blog posts about my travels last year to Barcelona.

Barcelona was the first city outside of England that Jason and I had the pleasure to visit just the two of us. We’d previously been on holiday to Spain together twice, though this had been first with friends and then my parents, so we were incredibly excited to have the chance to go away on our own. I also speak Spanish, so I’m always excited when I have the opportunity to visit Spain.

La Sagrada Familia- Barcelona

First things first, Barcelona is a beautiful city, there is no doubt about that. The influence of the architect Antoni Gaudi can be seen all over the city, with perhaps his most famous work being the great Sagrada Familia, the unfinished cathedral.

Following an uneventful (but very early!) two and a half hour flight, Jason and I arrived at our apartment to drop off our luggage before having a wander around prior to our check in time.

Las Ramblas- Barcelona

We stayed with MH Apartments Urban for the three night duration of our stay and I couldn’t fault them one bit. The apartment was spotless, modern and stylish, with a perfect central location, no more than a ten minute walk from Las Ramblas. The kitchenette came equipped with a dishwasher, microwave oven and kettle, and we were provided with a dishwasher tablet, soap and washing up liquid on arrival, something we were not expecting for the extremely reasonable price of the apartment.

Photo courtesy of the MH apartments website-

There is a wonderful, buzzing city vibe as your walk around the streets of Barcelona. After depositing our luggage, we decided to walk towards the main shopping area of the city, Las Ramblas. We passed uncountable cafes and restaurants on our walk, all within the space of ten minutes. Following a much needed drink in Starbucks and then a bite to eat in one of the local cafes, we had a further look around before heading back to the apartment.

As it had been an incredibly early start that morning (our plane had departed at around 6am), we didn’t fancy doing much else on our first day. On our look around before we had spotted a Dominos only a couple of minutes walk from where we were staying, so we nipped out to grab a couple of pizzas and a bottle of wine, before spending our evening in watching tv and planning what we wanted to do tomorrow.

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Left: Our Domino’s pizza and a much needed glass of wine. Right: Tucking into a sandwich at a local cafe.