Barcelona Diaries- Day 2


Hello my lovely readers! So some of you may have seen my recent(ish) post on mine and Jason’s trip to Barcelona last year. Today is the second instalment in that ‘series’- our second day in Barcelona. If you are visiting Barcelona and would like to know where we stayed, find a link to the website in that post! 

We were only staying in Barcelona for three days, so our second day was very busy as we wanted to squeeze in everything that we could! We had decided that today was the day that we wanted to see La Sagrada Familia, the great unfinished cathedral. Arguably Gaudi’s most famous work, this magnificent architectural feat was my main reason for wanting to visit the city in the first place. Jason and I both love gothic architecture, so we were so excited to see Gaudi’s masterpiece in person.

La Sagrada Familia

We were not disappointed. Following hiring a taxi from the main road outside the central apartment where we were staying, and a short journey out of the city centre with one of the friendliest taxi drivers I’ve ever met, we arrived at the cathedral.

The area around La Sagrada Familia is bustling with tourists and school groups. Jason and I stopped outside to get some photos before seeing what the deal was with tickets. To enter the cathedral you need to book on a time slot, and there is usually a few hours wait. We had arrived at the cathedral around 12pm, and ended up booking on a time slot at 5pm. Tickets cost €15, and there is an additonal fee if you wish to go up in the towers. Jason and I decided not to do this (we were holidaying on a student budget after all!), but if I went again I probably would. I imagine the view from the top is something quite spectacular.

After booking our time slot and paying for our tickets, we had a quick look in the gift shop before deciding to head across the road to a small museum type building dedicated to Barcelona FC. I’m not interested in football, but Jason found it pretty cool. They had several shirts on display and some snippets of information about the club. The entry was free here.

Parc de la Ciutadella, Barcelona
Parc de la Ciutadella, Barcelona

Following this, we decided to walk down to Barcelona zoo for the day. Barcelona zoo is located at the end of a beautiful park, home to the most spectacular fountain; Parc de la Ciutadella, featured above. The zoo was probably about a twenty minute-half an hour walk from La Sagrada Familia in total. We stopped for a sandwich while we sat on one of the park benches, before having a little stroll and arriving at the zoo.

Barcelona zoo is what you’d expect from a zoo, nothing out of the ordinary but well worth a visit if you enjoy that sort of thing. Entry was €19,90 each and we spent a good few hours here before walking back up to La Sagrada Familia for our entry time!

Inside La Sagrada Familia/ Dentro La Sagrada Familia
Inside La Sagrada Familia at sunset

Inside La Sagrada Familia is just as awe-inspiring and magnificent as you would expect from looking at the outside. It is HUGE. There are a number of absolutely stunning stained glass windows dotted along the length of the cathedral, and thanks to the time of our visit we were witness to a spectacular show of colours as the sun began to set outside. There are numerous stone columns inside the cathedral that all exhibit beautiful works of stone masonry at the top, leading up to the organ situated right at the front.

Inside La Sagrada Familia
Inside La Sagrada Familia

You were also able to view the crypt of the basilica, but here photography was forbidden.

I found the experience absolutely wonderful, and I would definitely urge anyone visiting Barcelona to make a trip there! I only wish my photos could have captured the true beauty of the light falling through the windows, as sadly they don’t do it justice.

Have you ever visited Barcelona? What did you go and see while you were there? Let me know in the comments! 🙂

Maddie x