Sister Style- Autumn!


Hey guys!

So, I thought I’d do something a little bit different for today’s post. I’ve got some great crafts and recipes lined up for you over the coming weeks as we head into December, but today I’m bringing you my first ever fashion post….If you can call it that. It’s more of just a lot of photos.


I’m not very much into fashion in a blogging sense. I love clothes, and I love the process of designing and making clothes, but I’m not much into the whole shopping thing. I don’t keep up with trends, I’d much rather base my clothes on what I like, regardless of what’s in fashion. I have a love for vintage style, good quality fabric, knee socks, bright colours and mini skirts.

Now let me introduce you to my sister, Hannah. Hannah is the complete opposite of me when it comes to clothes. Hannah likes every style, every trend and every single clothing item you could imagine. She also likes to shop, A LOT. Keeping up with trends is her jam, and her wardrobe is the evidence of it.


Seeing as we have such different attitudes towards clothing, I thought it’d be really interesting to do a ‘sister style’ blog post showcasing what we like to wear in Autumn! The idea for this post is of course inspired by the Sister Style series on A Beautiful Mess, an amazing blog that I’m sure you’ve already heard of!

We decided to head down to Williamson Park in Lancaster to take these photos. I’ve been studying and living in Lancaster for over a year now, but I’d actually not visited this park until two weeks ago! It’s a beautiful park, and the chocolate fudge cake served in the cafe definitely makes it worth a visit.


I’m wearing a woollen skirt that I got a few years ago from Topshop. The roll neck top is also from Topshop; I love wearing the colour mustard during Autumn, I think it makes my outfit so seasonal! This top is one of my staples at this time of year. My boots are absolutely ‘ride or die’. I LOVE these boots. My parents bought them for my birthday in September, and I haven’t stopped wearing them since. They’re leather and such good quality!

Hannah’s also wearing a Topshop dress (I swear this post isn’t sponsored by Topshop, haha!). And her boots are from Tesco, from a few years back.


It was super fun taking all these photos! We had such a great day ๐Ÿ™‚

That’s all from me today guys, would you like to see more of these types of posts? Let me know! It’d be great fun to make Sister Style into a recurring feature here on the blog!

Best wishes to you all!

Maddie x



34 thoughts on “Sister Style- Autumn!

  1. SRC says:

    I love both your outfits might start going to Topshop mostly get my stuff from Primark. I think you should definitely continue these types of posts along with your other ones. Iโ€™m like you myself I donโ€™t follow trends I just pick clothing I like. I wish I had the confidence to wear stuff like this though and the space since I have to share a wardrobe with my brother, frustrating haha!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • alittlemadsmith- DIY, craft and cupcakes! says:

      Thank you so much! Itโ€™s so nice to hear feedback on my posts! ๐Ÿ™‚ I think picking clothing that you like is always the best idea, though sometimes it does take a bit more confidence than just following trends. Haha, that must be frustrating though! Iโ€™m glad I donโ€™t share with Hannah because her clothes would take up the whole thing! ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Wendy Bellino says:

    Awwww, ya’ll look like fun! My sister and I used to share clothes when I was in college. I HATE shopping and she loves it! She has great fashion sense, so I will sit in the dressing room and let her pick everything out for me! Of course she borrows everything later…โ™ฅ my sistah!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Britney says:

    You both look fantastic! If I’m being completely honest, I prefer your outfit more, but that’s because it’s just more my style. Hannah’s outfit is not something I would wear myself, but it looks great on her. You two compliment each other well.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Kathy says:

    Both of you are so pretty! I love A Beautiful Mess blog, too. I think I’ve been following them since high school. I live in Chalfont, so it’s a bit of a drive, but I’m surprised you live close by.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. victorialise says:

    Such a great post! I like that it wasn’t your typical fashion blog post but a bit more personal. The photos show the outfits so well and I have to say I am in love with the wool skirt and mustard top! Must find something of my own now! Great work xx

    Liked by 2 people

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