Carcassonne Markets- France

Carcassonne markets, fruit and veg stall

Hi guys! As some of you may know, Jason and I are currently holidaying in Carcassonne, the south of France. We are having the most wonderful time; I’d never been to France before this trip, but this beautiful country is turning out to be exactly how I had imagined it. Vineyards for as far as the eye can see and an abundance of cheese, bread, and of course, wine.

Carcassonne is a bustling town, filled with French locals rather than tourists. It provides you with a true, authentic taste of Southern France, without the touristy gimmicks and tacky souvenir shops.

Carcassonne markets, garlic

Carcassonne is also home to some of the greatest food markets that I have ever seen. On Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings, the main square of Carcassonne accommodates stalls upon stalls selling local produce. I have to refrain from buying everything. All the food looks so… well, French. And soooo appetising. The vegetables are some of the biggest that I’ve ever seen, with red peppers at least six inches long and pumpkins that look like something straight out of a Disney tale. And then there’s the fruit, as bright and colourful as a child would draw it. There’s whole stalls selling nothing but juicy oranges and berries; there’s even a whole stall selling nothing but garlic, onions and shallots.

Following visiting this beautiful town I can wholly appreciate why people talk about French food with such fondness; the plenitude of market stalls dedicated to cheese, preserves, olives and oils is somewhat overwhelming. And completely thrilling for a foodie such as myself.

If you’re anything like me, you will have never visited such a bustling and vibrant market. I have never seen so many people purchasing weighed amounts of spices, or hand selecting their vegetables for the week.

Carcassonne markets, spices stall

The markets here in Carcassonne are simply a food lover’s paradise, offering a multitude of hand picked, local ingredients to inspire you. Jason and I visited on Saturday morning; following a few hours spent browsing the shops and marveling at the local produce on sale, we then had lunch in one of the many restaurants surrounding the square. It was wonderful to relax with some good food and a bottle of wine and oversee the hive of activity that was the market. There is plenty of outdoor seating surrounding the square that emanates European cafe culture and provides a great place to relax and oversee the bustle of busy shoppers.

If you’re visiting the area, I definitely recommend that you pay these markets a visit. Morning on a market day is by far the golden hours for Carcassonne as a town, showcasing the best of what the town itself and the surrounding region of Languedoc has to offer.

Carcassonne markets, cheese stall

In other news, today we are visiting Montpellier, so I cannot wait to tell you all about the city! Jason and I will also be celebrating our four year anniversary of dating tomorrow, so we are heading into a local vineyard for a tour and three course meal with wine tasting! I am so excited and so thankful that I am able to share this wonderful journey with you all.

I wish you all blessed days, wherever you may be in the world!

Maddie x

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