Sleepy Sunday and bias binding

August 20, 2018 • 8_00 PM till sunriseThe Rooftop on 5thbring your dancing shoes.png

So a few weeks back my grandma told me that she had a blanket that was fraying around the edges and asked if I could do anything to help it. Sounded easy enough, I’d thought at the time. I told her I’d give it a go, thinking I’d edge it with bias binding.

Today was the day I chose to tackle the job. After spending the morning lounging around at Jason’s house, I thought it’d be nice to sit down with my sewing machine for a couple of hours and have some me time.

Now incase you haven’t already guessed, edging this blanket was not as plain sailing as I’d first thought. In fact, it was pretty darn stressful. I hadn’t seen the blanket when my gran first asked if I could do it, but looking at it today I saw it wasn’t going to be the easy job I’d been expecting. The weave had quite a lot of stretch to it and I had a hard job to edge it with the cotton bias binding my gran had purchased for the task. It had also frayed by different amounts in different places, and the edges were no longer straight.

It’s not my sewing style to put a load of pins in my work before machine stitching and I never tack, looking back this might have been a good idea. I did manage to attach the binding in the end without stretching the blanket too much out of shape, but I’m not completely happy with the finish. (My gran, however, will still be over the moon. You know what grans are like, I could present her with a blanket edged with Duct tape and she’d still think I was the cleverest granddaughter in the world).

As well as the stretch, this blanket had a good few holes along the edges, meaning I had to patch parts of it before binding it. In short, it was all a bit of a nightmare.

I’m also not keen on the colour of bias binding my gran bought, but hey, that’s personal taste. I think a navy bias binding would have looked pretty awesome with it!

But anyways, this was a sewing project that didn’t completely go to plan, but it’s been a good learning curve (always look at the item before agreeing to fix it! being one of the main things to bear in mind for the future).

Have you guys had any projects that didn’t quite go to plan? What’ve you leant from it? Let me know in the comments!



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