Happy Friday!

Hi guys- Friday at last! I hope you’ve all had wonderful weeks. After working full time last week, it felt like I had loads of free time this week! I’ve been taking it pretty easy on my days off, my mum and I spent the day together on Monday which involved lots of knitting and walking. We don’t usually have much time just the two of us so it made a nice change.

As per usual, I’ve put together a couple of posts to keep you entertained over the weekend. My DIY photo holders are a great little project for your day off. They’re super easy and great for the kids to help out with. They’re also an adorable way of showing off your favourite photos! It really is as simple as it looks, painting a pebble and wrapping a bit of wire around it. I actually had a really good time collecting my pebbles in the woods near my house, so this project is also a great way of getting out and about as well. And let’s be honest, we all love a good two for one don’t we.

I’ve also uploaded the recipe for my Summer Cheesecake Squares! My favourite type of cheesecake is no bake and super creamy, so that’s what I tried to create when I was coming up with the recipe for these. With a ginger biscuit base and creamy lemon topping, these mini cheesecakes are finished off with a raspberry swirl for that extra bit of summery sweetness.

If you’re interested in either of these projects, check them out in my craft and food sections respectively!

Whatever you get up to over your days off, I hope you make time for the things you enjoy.

Best wishes to you all!



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