Upcoming Blog Posts for August


Hi guys! I hope I find you all in good spirits. I just wanted to give you all an insight into what sort of content you can be expecting on the blog this upcoming month.

I’ll be uploading some quick and easy craft projects this month to help give some inspiration for things to do over the school holidays. You’ll also be seeing some more baking recipes uploaded (including the peanut butter and chocolate cupcakes shown above) as well as some vegetarian barbecue ideas- for the unlikely event that this rain ever ends!

I hope you enjoy whatever you’ve got planned for tomorrow, Jason and I are hoping to be going for a picnic (though we have been planning said picnic for about two weeks now and it has been rained off each time. We can hope though).

Hopefully you’re looking forward to seeing what’s to come this month on the blog; if you can’t wait though, why not check out my Travel and Food pages? I’ve uploaded some content to help get things off to a good start.

Best wishes to you all for tomorrow and the week ahead,


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